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tv   Taking Stock With Pimm Fox  Bloomberg  February 6, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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is is aking stock" fakock" fakursday, k" fak 6sday, k" fak 6 f fi'm pimmi'i' focusing f fos sing, we gots sing, we gto -s sing,'ve got to focus ve go extro ac extr ac extrf, extremetr extretr e michaemartom has bemartom mart gu gume.gume and performi n a theater in n rlem, that is a positive is siti s siti weill be dssill beapolloill beapoll beapolbeap theater and its theare.d d d d d d d and d and current career ent care thme champion billme champio cartwright
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explacartwright expcartwright expcart restarted his career after basketball.ketbalketbal and gett ady to stomach mount everest.unt ev executivdeils about theile enology behind exnologyind climb.b. t first, ct firs >>inkedin is outinkedin isnin eain eainout wi in its earnings. it fell short of analyl shor estimate es thmp thtomp thth slowdon user growth. g fourth-quarter profit heat aer proheat aer p amongst -- a amongst --es forgst -- acti ough. d news corp.d news corp.d publisher behindpubll strebehindpubl beurnal, i d a mixed earningsd earningsrt.gsrtgsgs
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xed earnin xed eartisingxed eartisingxe sales continue to fall. to c broke off from 20roke o 20ntury fox in june, focfoing on foing publishing. >> today, a 12 membeodjury found fund manager, mark - mmatthewtthew mark, hilty of --rk, hiew ewewmartoma guilty of insiderof ins joining owsheila. she was at the courthouse when the verd came g us by teph g alanshow the latest latest lat called " ng a stand." s sheila, if you could go through the deils in this particular case a he ctext it he c ng matthew om mattltom matt matttt >> it lly came down toy n their allegation that he had over a year-and-a-half
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courtedourted 2 ors 2 volved in a trial of a a eimel o's drug that w that w two nies.nies. is is tishas tisha potentha ha the market was very interestedy in fng out inther ingwass going to s ceed.ed.ed.ed. go ccusgo martomatoma of gng details ongdrug trial results before anyone elsere anyonse anyonsenyon lucrati trade on behalf of his hedgeof his sac capital. >> the governm >> ts governmnm caagai t otcaager saccacacapica haven't ca ha't 't a bit ébit ébivu ébivéthey hged a handful ofa of sac ofof one wa one wabe one wabe one wabe one wabe g. he i l working at sac. he is a portfo o mas a poo ma has been on lea has been
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has has lear what his lear w theris. his case was a little different.e e he was accused of trading dellin and and a ofand a and a and a rrupt hedg tupt rs thatt rs tre passing along i paser ination.atatat >> the status of his case is that he was already hied andready h h convicteand has yeicteand has ictes te seenced. >> he has yet to be sentenced.e e he has said that he's going to appeal s is atthew martomama mantly. ntlyly we will wewe i nt to bring innt tssornt tssor if you can speak to the steinberg co iction, erg co ic seicenced an nosecoenced d no enced today, matthew martoma matthew m what hewpens t whese whesindividu whes wh >> wdon' >> wbut the>> w>> w>> w>> w>> w>> wrnme>> wry to get>> wo get cooperation from these witnesse he lesger e t th there is nore is ntenci
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e more yci can speculate that maybe there are there a negons g negons in ord a ord the the pers o hapers o hapershapers formatio lform upward.form urm u thle in americis alwn s tois alws tois a corime th people moreth rtant than you are, so youre, so you ou hem in hem othem in. in. thobleis, of coble when cob when c cve ment h cverd toyour throat, they not only want sing, but sometiming, by want you to wae. wae. wae. ey ute.ressure on yut sayinurayinur no not enou, you hat , u hat to givu ha givu e.u e. and the pres anhat leads ople ttell stories ttell stell s bellxagger r untrueer jues ten look at boughtook at witness witness witnes tn if tght witnesses haght ses se corroboratse d there is a th patter then the juer tends to tends t believe them. my advice for the defende for y is, get yourself a very a ver v good a v good ane w v go w go the goment fears.
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you il y aeal, o y a if you don't and you have tohavehave make a deal, you' a deal, y good deal havin goodalppellateodalpppp lawy tter than so e whoe whoo t feared by e govement. >>he government never expectent ne maa' maa' ma ma theyelt ma theyelt mat ma t charge m in november m in nr that he would flip and brings fo ss phen s hen. he he he and he has b and he sides by refusi do tret.ret. some have su some have su some havsu some havsu some so so so so so so coul meult ofult oft of postconviction coopeconviction coopeconvoopeconvnvnv but my sense i but my sense i but my sen i but my sen iverage hasenon ivewn now thaonow thaon een government. government.over>> i wouot>> i wouthat.that k th he government ge has gone up.. thatoes not meth hisoeeverageth hisoeeverageth has gone down.s gone dn. his leverage will deleveran how ch h ch h
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he n't hve vern', if vn', if vn', vre was a lotre was aotre was a in was a in him and thend tnd t gernment nted herent herent hero aften it wafl notn it w it wppen. itenit but the government's leveragehanow increasehanousincreasehausseha cann , let'nn , d m'nn , d m'nn , d ma, d otet aotet a a nohe knows he'n's either going l a l a l he may have to go may have to go me toe toto e a deal for ae a deal fal f al f theal fnmentheal f is probably not going to ly not canan providem with a maee amount of informamion of vinyn of viny important people.ople. now what fe adviw whate adviw rth, just whatouh, just whath, just whath, jus whatvi j said thvi j s arevi j s are j s a down with matthewith maith maith ith h
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martomthis evemart and hisrt and his faly, what advice would youdvic ofem?ofem?of>> g>> gate la>> gat maure read all of th read a instructions. i know there were questions about some of e int ructions s case, what materiaseat materat m anat m happens if yo happens if yo appens if yopens if yoyoyo mbination ofmbinioofio om legit om legeg search search er information you get inside.get he wilt win this appealthis appeal ppeald on chaeal ton c ton c ton ccredibility of the witneity of the u might also challenge the relatiip betwelatietwe ment whatds o whussions ar whussions between the lawyer and the lawyer for the witwyer for i know that the jukne gave somee gave some gaof tinformation. i would say, don't loy, don' don' d th may be yourth mchance turth mchanurthth make a deal. ma some are s i will not ma i will not ma i wil a de i wil a de i wil 'deil deil deil use i use i no no information. d say, i will t say, ay, i may, i may i m m m m the t new the
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t dw the dw dw w with the client, outsihe chehepresence of his presly, because will not teouill not te trut fro f his mily. f himilyhi he might tell you thight tell ight tel ight ts family being >> sheila, the gov snment record so far a far far far f f investigating sac capitalg sac individu other insideridererer tradg cases, it's a prs, it's a prs, 's a p's go got? go go >> they send out a statement s this aft saying that he isg that h the 79th convi the 79thguiltythguiltythgugu plea, that they have gotten in this c this c this c is cing. g. very conceedvery concevery concevery cvepres this prest records t s t s s th the , and they were feeling very confident about this cas going thto it.go it.go there were s on that side hat si that expecting a ve expecting a pectct vely, and it tly, little littlitt >> 15 hours, somethi5 hoikeomethihoho that t started twt stgoted twt gote te u te chunks. tenks. tenks. it reallnks.noit rat long.noit rere were sere weer
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government side that thought itho wod happen in one day. gover is worriedis worisorisis t win and lot wid.wid.wid.wi ment should ne ment sho s worried about that.out th it should only be worruld onlytrruld only doing justice. ou very ou verych, professoeralan dershowitz. he is the th he ithe new book "tg the st d."th much appreciatedmu areciatedmu incom di sdidi from a year ago at linkeear agear e company cites sloweransers slower growth.♪
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> linkedin reported quarterlyted earnings nd then in had fallen. had fa but sales with itst alent unitunit rose.unit rose.un rose.un rose.rose.rose.
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e company uses se cohingng call cag technolochno to con seekers ers, r really aers, thatally as, a a has t skils for more, i want to bring in colin illis and lin dn lipsin psin gentlemen, thanks for being lin, lirn it ovlirnt ovrnrn he results from aesul froesul stocesulrk erstoctiulrkrk if you are if you ar link you linkbe aware linkbe linkbe of linkbe of linkbe of be of volatile s vola volala you ll h s and do h s an 82 days of the last year it has been up or down twen up ort oror more. tim u 5 mes do u.5 s 5 5 >> a lot volatility.....
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is down afis dis disisisisisisisis ise they only beat by anly beat by nny there is concern. enue g enueng enueendown.down.down.down.downwnbeats ttbesmaller.ttle th's thappens ws thappes th little c pa lioming a bi er mp >> right. he reality is, linkedin linkedikedikedikedikedi still ow stnomic grap stno>>t iserfet iserfet ist ist is >> >>t an eco mict an eco mit an ecomit an ecomian ecomian e graph is? gr h mba, but th mba onomic graph i wilomleave ph i the experts. >> you havpath in lifepafepa fepave chool and oooo job. but facebook is who you'reo you' nds with. omic gw you ge ncome.e.e. ifou follow a person'ollow a th you can genera au cailar typeilar type of econo of econo lifecono life what linkedis fers linkedis fers linkers lke l l
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at is uiters and userssers . the other point yoe otheion,yoion,yoyo unlike facebook or twi fac where the primar vethe prream isthe ream ithe reamamising, linhas threin venue ams,venue ams,venuams,venuams,s, gwing at healthyalthy clips. >> colin just>> cibed this ass as s pl s le l their r technica s,chrofessionalrofeio career it used to be you had a filingyo cabinet with cabinet with t with sentt eir resentt ouse n the fiinete fiin s like a tronictron fi cab et that getsab et tha refreshed and refromaticand refr anedited for y anedit isedit isreally comin re to the world o tocruitmenld o to create a social mreat prce by being on lce what hawhat reuiting world is matingtmatimatisier to find peopler ter
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creat eiimage on heimagon he inteet they create thehey create thehey create thehey crcr but it does not but it doethert th person is qualifpersonr aalifif partic job and what their andt ndt ndons to leave where tto lea whe lhet isut then nd just bein nd just bein nd piece of paper.aper. >> i not allowha ot intera inpen doesn't doe it that atit tha happen more directppen more direct morctoror a mp a mpant th a ththththth bath baths. baths. out and a button and ther pd ple who ma p p p not even be looknot evena job. te us at u >> it is data an>> it s.a ana anan it is if y about yea about yea a y y y y yedin yedl, y have a fas ing netwas ing inin an valuatian vright v beitter and facebook -- - which is tter value?tttt >> they are all pretty rich.but on an lute bas an lu linkedin 5 linkedn. 5 link 5 link 5 donk t want5 dosay ly $25 ly $
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billion, but it billion, bllestllion, ll the three, even afterer twitter'twback ' twitter is arountw$27 billion i $58 billion. n. >> and youhink w and you you you acion acght thist justifies the $25 billies the 5 billiee 5 lliee 5 lliee lliee lliee llielliellielliellielliellie >> i i it gets back ite economck ite ec ite ecgraph that it could ultimatelycoultimalyco lybe morviable tbe morvihe al g . who you work with and how youith how yoh how can go aboutw can go aboutcan go aboutcan career -caerca ecause people ecause peoplause p en p u for things. thattays with you fotays with fotays with career with ca linkedin linfessional linnal linnal linnal there are others -ere -er but f he moment f oment f oment ent nkedin.nknk >> those re becom thosee e of ocial mediaial medi space.di >> thank you for joining cong how to build yourild
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urance. uranuran tur ud tud t aining forainingorainimehe compamehat helpsmeha lpsme lp ♪me
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>> imagine taking responbili orsponting amateurs up the faceeurs up t everest. this company cut -- does just that. that. serat.mall serat told sere was able t se ttruse fety of e ntsf e e bere he made his business
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>> it is a small mountaineerinll maine company and we focus onn br e all the way from very little mountary climbingg background all the way up to the summit of kilimanjmmitor mountnjmmitor mou ever mt. thiwo thiwo thiwo hang a portunng a goportunng a gopo oponaturepomounna are inunre in control is powerful. powerful.owerower i st out i stw ditions myself aditiontill read e expeditio e expeditioon, hard, o ha ss the ha t was lear to let gond allow other guides tode run trips. there is risk involved in isk we are doing and p are doing anng an ng anould happeouldld in 2011, we re a 2empting re a 2empting a 2 go to th 2 o to unt o to un
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et and eathet aompl eathet eathet eatheteaea or youould have a large avalth ould shut thwn the roe. the roe.u the ro to u th the to th night with ath nino ewith ath that challenge is veryhallceral.llllan be hard to sleep, hhad to eeha eat you eat knou eat kn you don't know what is happeow w ow wour . and being b willing to giv willttg to giv willwillto gwillust is hard, butust isis thing i've leaing i' lotve leaing i' l about. it has allowed us to offer trips offerri ore people. or or or when i ran the company, i ran around six or seven intern expeditions. in 2014 we ledomewhe4 around 40.40.40 and 300 clients all on a path s all onath s all on potentially go thrtentia muchhrte bigger mountain in terir future.ure. >> i 's fut hey
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haveurned training and equipment to hypoxico.eno.en clients include professioncludprofes athletes, mountain climb, mountain ix, tham ix ix that killed osamthat killed in pa. this w nating story toting tong look a se you don'ton'ton''ssarily just train athletes. pe edpeoedpeoedoed with very extremeith very e circh stance cianceanceanan >> that is absolutely right.bsol the company was founcompany camecompancompancompanmpanmpan mpan mpan mpan to ght to altitudghltitudghltitudghltitudghitudgh and e le td e am lee e ans to prepareple for high altitudes high aeing athigh aeing sea level. sea level. vel.veve o you want to preparentent
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font ltitude if you ltitud bron james, for examplames, they they they the train the tre.n the n the training at high and then you a and th at sea el, your body is t, your bod much more ef mut at using oxygen.en.en. you playpl pl pl plpl you like ying sports.ngs. isconnected with runneecte who are whinners? whinne whinne whinne wh wh th lly tr d at lly lly hiitudes kind othat o ple extraple extraple traple trapl >> exactapl >> exa >> exa exa anor a anity thor aor a involves sumption of ox su ca anced thro anced throthro of equi of equi o o >> what is the basis ot the o ss ss h cost of that. >> equipme >>ywhereme >>ywhereme >> from small low oxygen compreow oxy systems that can bstused at homepers
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even laven la n la ron lain w ron la ron la put ron la en air.n laenn laen laen . la you very much, myohh, ato of ox this akin thisk" o akin bloomberg. ♪
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this is "takg this is "takg thg th mbg th mb i't' mmmb i't' i't're goingt' to su keenano su nanfor thsuhe nanfo >> general motors just reportedd fourth rofit thatt th t thssed a t thstimates. fourth-quarter fofits felrter fofits feler fo eler fo$1 billioner erer fox will be increasing its es in e yes netw in s tw in about 80% and ll be gettingll refrom rek areaomrere
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ts w e al clo s.e al clo c and gap earnings are op earnh a surprise in january with the nth ri erceri er rnings beat analrnt estimates.tes. >> the apollo theater in haro theater new york is celebrating its celebritititrthdayit thleitary peter has hosted such megas s ray charles and james brown.d jas browd jabrowbrowbrow ining me hining le.ining le the theate self is owne by new york state, the people ofle oflef new york state, but it is naged and organized and keptga alive by a foundation.s uts ut
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is a not-for-profit and and has be and 99s bend 99bebe be people don'bet know thatt know tha t be tha is 80 yeahald is 80 is 80 ie bran so recognaned so recoaned s s s around the year -- around the d, actually. actua thapol theater fouol tnater and the founand charged withged with thd wisp thd ith thd ith preserving the theater and running the theater.theaea it has bee it19as bee but i think eethin in jthe in0 years th inyeye e really focus orealeus no program, ougram will, put in plly initiatives thinitiatiallyithat ittinues to be the iconic cultural institution that it ha en for allha its ell us a lell about so e programs. e progprog we wil t to some of the history in a moment. a mom but of
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but hat th but hat tht hat tht foundation is inundatie rele n today's worltorlrl ie the rd ie t. ie t.e ha realed on what you want to be in the 20, how we want to position ourselves for the next f sedecades.decade there are things we are doing to ensure that we ensunue to be ato be a pl nurtuplem nurtu n n n n s, becau s, what s, s,been hiss,bebebebebe for example, have something hinglled the apollo lled the é. é it supports emerging artists who are in the indepare in tusic movement there on our tage. ey wk ll tey wk llk ll llfferent musi genrerent mu e lon ter thatlon atlon encourages a artists to pushists t t t thr creative bour ies andies anesent workesendiffertesff th they are trying to ry do, different prdo, ts and fromts and f the publ iences. we think tha weavhink tha
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a g ring place for theng place for t harlem tommu ty and beyond.nd whate have what we lookat we look foard is to foard thingard thingard callard uptowcallard us,ard which focuses whicical subjts, subjsubjts, suof interest to pretty muchuchheryone, t certainly, they, the harlem community residents and we collaborate we collaboe, weboe, just did somet just dh wnyc just for martin uther king'sr king r nghday r r r we did s hing a dund the last dunst where we had a wnele haha discussion and talked about thed abou issues that were at stake, and we parered with bt, with theirbt, e e e if depends on itt in gs like i'gsre ly proud of >> i want you to focus on you toyou of having siciof having siciof having si eng si , enormance nce artists that may not bethat may not bot ot yet. it is a challenge for them. we know that the internet at the and that you can transfe you canrans all over the orld.
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having , performing inng i front of a live audience canive very difficult for an act thatthat does not hav does nappeal. do you find thatdoou are, in a, in, in sense, fertile ground forund nd-coming musical nment?nment? absely. you look at t you look atou look legacy, started with amateur night, w nighac w the t t the doors t the 1934. the 193 amatnight still runs at 7:30 p.m. every wednesdm. every wednem. eve it is an oppor it i for amateururur artists to get up on that stage and show us what they's what. and the apollo audience, whichchch y the way, a very the way, audience, let you know if you've if yove ive i i got it or you don't. when you thiwhen you tf reers that were laers that werat wer at the apollo, the ehe apollo, the fitzgerald, the james brownsjames s g dance, iy muchy muchy id anything in tid athinthin 30's, 40's, 50's, 40'through thetheththth
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60th they theywhen the theyen the th th th first appeared on the stage. they were emerging artistsemer i ind people that isd t t at we are t today.t today. we are trying to provide an oppoity for thposts thatthpothatthpou just described. pre-k's do you find that it is almost a abilitst-- >> doabil> il> > you fiyos alyos als al rare a ty ecause so much ofo entertai s mortd on moon so that it is much more d mo expensive? e you've got to keep the lights on. it'more eit've unless you unl u havenl u haveveve ven i get ckven e idt n e t e t eing -for-profit. i have 1500 seati had i rely onhad i n th thdu it -- individuals, corpodividuals, c and foundation d fod fo i'm constantly fund-raising forund-rais these initiatives that i'm talking about. i'm able to i' them beleuse ive rve r i'm i'hat way. >> is thersomethins partularularul
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that y would like toocus on, some particula someect echo - project? t? lex we hav lex ouncav ur leav urav tury apollo tugn a whh is focused on -- we haus raised 10 raisedhe $20raisedhe are trying are. are. foex foex fo fo are ineb y, actually. are go be doing apollolo club harlem, which is something we lau st febru st fst f like in the like em em em butem butem b as seen through a coeen thraryn n n lens. lens. le.. it pays homage to our jazzjazz legacy.s xamps xamps jt d ing called "james brown, get ones b good foot" which was a ce" whation ofioof
9:38 pm
the theography of james brown.ja it i touring i u.s. and will be tourand will be touran be tour be tour be internationally begirnationextrnationextrnbruary.rnry. those kind of ing, large-scale programming.progra >> do you ra >> dorite artist? >> i don't. i really appreciate all of them.l thei thinl at ihewhatinakesat iatinakes job soatiniting, tb so able to tb so able b so able b b in the tater, because thatcause is where the administrative offiare and hear musicwafting rough. i got a chance to hear rayance to heance t chars. i've got i'chance to hearcho hear james br jame 've gotten the chance to hearce to hearce to am od am od by od odn arti s.ti s.ti ve it all, i rve it .nk youy much, jone pre, head of the apollo cong during his ys durins ys durs ys the s wo bille s ri billri bill bill bi was known s ability s teach and pass tteach wledge tteach wledge tte onto younger players. now we will find out h will t h nd ip applies toip appli to lis business.
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aking stoc esing stoc quote on bloom quot blo ' ox. ox now to our n noies called nos ca s cay book, the playy bookorthe rayy bookorbookbookckbook.ok billartwri billartwears in t nba it in tte tterstanding oftelaybooks x'oftelaootelaoo and o's all and o's all and o's all ans ananan s wi thre pionships. s. s. s. he became the owner of cartwright dnes, a coht dnes, a co that compl e bathground checks bal scalbaalbaba great to hav grhere with us on bloomberg. bloomberg. blorg.lotelltele bit aboutbout ut ishmenth isenth is is is is is court and then court ppens when go o he cgogo >> let's go backwards. use s really s really
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u are gu are u are u are u are are e baballr any sport, becr any spora fu-time coa fu-time coa fu-time cojust like e l nehepartner ne be able to do be able t ab that, someone you tr, someomeonesomeomeo knows he industry. i i i have bn fortunhavefounhavefounhavefounhave ve a restauranveso cestaur friday's in highwo's in highwo'ighwoo i have a great partner there the number one chef number one chef and we started the ground check compan companto m co thissand downs, alongnd down down with y wifeand theyy wifeeny wifefefefe doing this for about sixisears. we d we dcks for dfor hires.its competition.its competition.its compet it's getting out there andg out therandg ouan letting people know who you are and what y stand forat f all
9:44 pm
se things you hold in sports. self t level, a h r quality of work.ality of ity ofa quicke ity ofound time, andof of ce, reasona cicesic its ju learning s e learnin learnin eaarning what''arnieded, an'arni nigoing after it.g afte >> youould have gone into hnt h lot of different types ofre o nees, perhaps., , ople may have been offering oing oin new part hinew pa why did you pawhy arlyu thi opportun thi ophi >> this is not the only thing i i c es clinics s .i am taking a year offakromromrom coac. really intto gallycknto is reat am, a balloach.ballball but in this timeframe, this ise, t what i'm doing'm this is what i this is what i thinds what i ds whds ds ds and ef and efild this and efil and il and
9:45 pm and so far, were doing great. tell us a little ell abouttl l abouttl l aboutground checks. checkswhat kdschf companies comef oan you seeking these servicing these ing th >> s good questn.od questst our everybody, everyboerybody, every it is basic understanding that when yo hire somebodo hireebodo hiebeb you're not a lead welcoming them intor mpany, butr mpan butr mp mily. mply you should really knowlly know everything them. d of c e, dd of c on the levethat you hlevethat ythvethatve of theve und has got to be be ter. yoy wa to doy vingo dodododo a backg d chec backg d chec bd chd d there are different levels ofls different em oyees that you aoyees that you goin hire. hir and you wa to make sure you are going to get the absolut gut g best cring.odst could n.e aou.e .e .. quicess. eseses it should be one that yod be one that yod your time. you want t k the backgr k and make sure that ymathat absolutely h absolutely h candidate and thcandersoe ancandnd
9:46 pm
best qualified for the job. t t and ' not d ing to h e done something the past that they have not revealed to you reveaea beuse if you be getting a a background checkbaone and now you are ndin you thing that ave not upave thatav tes you a lo tet theirte teac te wright, is there anyht, is there any simi simiheusinessess of backgro checks and a f a a athe scou bacscouun vestigation that goes on when whe wheare assemblingheare assemblmbl team? team?team best ere, too >> you do want the bes do ernt thent ntyo to know e to know eow eow e abou mily, theirmi friends, their hfries, their work ethic. i'm not sayin'very game, but a a a t have the t havth havavav to make sure to may sur to ur to t are gettin at person wh 's gog to repgog to rsent ba team. money aside, you want to mak you
9:47 pm
sure somebody're somgoodg to s s me i d damage the d damahe d reputaon of yourputaon oyourputaonon tely houl as mu houlhoulhoul backound work as possible.ork as possible.ork as pe.e. and then han after tan a they can play, which is the om line.lylylylyly i wo if you know off yo off yo ances yoursehere thiurse happens in bashaalens or example. f course.. it hap a he tape in e spor sporspspsp take tand you yer, you d ar, y lot of background check ackgm.m.check guys come in guys they areealuateealuateeuaeee co well ashe gmell he gmm and owners re sitting in onng ing i that. they get a psychological evaluation as well. afte afte an afte an , st o aniz, fee aniz, ee aniz, ee an player they're going to bring
9:48 pm
who roba y play aplay apl plican on their te their ei >> dremember what itreas like when you rst met michu rst met hen he camhen he were the ny prerenceived predre noon noonis ckground abilityckgrn nde twockck of you t court together? 've got to remember l came to o in 1985, t i s training there in everyone k w of meryoel and hiseryoel thic.. wh at for bng a at for bng a aleader on the team. we are both going to work really work hard, hard, us hard, what nee t done an t afr it. aff you can, litf you u mou mou tball u l l l ange u were are there any othee thjor ffs?s?
9:49 pm
>> the guys now are biggerare bigg e bigg, strong e gg, strong, st, stertter terger terger terg teerg than teerirst cae league we practic qu practic ququ anad a regularth a regular ardia community college. i've got tell you, that place, however cold it was outside, it was thtside, i in..... evybody has their owody traini acilitieainiilitaini you have a minimum of ve a mf ners, whirlpools, top trainers and a massenee. and senee. and senee. and ayede. e. b r basket b r ba player ay had a better sensad a better sens off of one we had a better sense of basic amenta ls, basita fuental footfurk, how to, how to atnd countatouououou lot ert er buth gu buwill telgu elgu much better athletes.r et
9:50 pm
>> thank you y much fory much spending time with us, billwith us, bwright, nbwright, the airman of cartwrairman of s.s. up, inves are are a ping u works by g artists and flipping ts m for lots of money.find out why some are co whyingco wco wcoco it initial public ofring marke of
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> the bidding > thenbiddg dd bed as fer y collectors are scooping up in works by young artists andts andts andthemts andthemts andts ats a mberg reportatyartrtrtzakina has an exclusiv has the has tas and joins us wand joins.jointhank you foing k you foing k you re tel that the publication of hiblicory hasser itter following offll the chart. have 40 ollowers. ulns. . .. eopl eopl eoplabeo that therabeowhhat
9:54 pm
theowht tht tht ththth cadre of con orary of con ---- i haveadmit i've never heard never thmes of any of these people of peop but thing but ng othin at is happ is is is he s a g frenzy is how how how the artwor he art world w focuses on a f foelect artists and the prices are being picked and theplode ndthin maybeodaybeode oraybeodears.beodears.odears.odeaodea for example, one artexample,ple,ple, selling der $10,000 just$1 two years ago.yearo. a painting of hia soin foror or,000 n seor,000 this particu pain png wententt from $7,000 -- what a minute, from $7,000 up0 up
9:55 pm
hat te, frha $7,00up to400,000 dollars 40 8 to 12llar 8 t month? >> a ltl tha ltlyears.ha ltlyears. >> is this a >> is this>> is th >> that is a >> thation. the last time this was hapimnith hapim was in 2007 and that was rightthat was r befothathe bubblbefothathe bhe bhehe for me, was an indication of somet to watch carefullyrefurefurerere re see what re see what re seere see the pr now they are turnongthre op up ons. are lectors? e peopt aree paying $40 par something that w that that th >> i somebody who hopes ebisis will be the next best gath-- basqui so they buy them anththey tanththeythey want to ld want to ld want to ld want to ld want rs flip, andrs flip, others buy and buy they a collectorey a collectorey col artists -- other artist,sometimes trader dealerss trader der d
9:56 pm
they some knowledge hameme something big is going to happen in ts pe in ts career. in ts reer. in t. in t. t. . what is going to happen gith luan smith? luan?? did not kab didhim aidhiid year ago and t yearople startedle start le startabout him.ta ed rectlth f rectlth f rec rec art school and his paihoolg sold in november -- from ovt ber -- and his painti in a membern a mea me soor almost $400,000.ost $400,0$4 and another and another her lascape of winnie the poof win witht the charwiterst the tet the >> how about eddie peake?>> he is a b>> artist. b>> b b bn paintings it is mostly right now mstlyhtht artists under 35 witsts undengs.s undeundeun >> tnk you v>> t. you ar the fuly athe ful he blooerg.hem.bloo
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for "taking stock." sto ♪ . .
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